Green Building Consultancy

Spreading good practice

Make green building a major part of your portfolio if you are to remain competitive in the next five years. Ecos Trust has the expertise and knowledge to help you to develop a clear focus and practical actions to make green building part of the daily routine of construction. We have three consultants each with different expertise including a registered BRE EcoHomes assessor.

Some of the Service we offer:

Strategy and Policy

Survey & Audit

Development & Management

Monitoring & Evaluation

Training & Education

Some of the specific aspects of building projects which we can advise on include:


Charles Couzens (MA Environmental Management) is a specialist in sustainable development. Formerly environmental co-ordinator at Bedfordshire County Council, and an advisor to local authorities and regional agencies on sustainable initiatives in urban and rural regeneration. Successful projects established include: SW Sustainable Construction Network; Glass Park Millennium Green, an urban regeneration project in South Yorkshire.

Nigel Griffiths (MA Oxon) specialises in green construction and in the eco-renovation of older buildings. A qualified builder, he has worked on timber-frame construction both in the UK and USA, and is an experienced Project Manager. He was managing the development of the South West’s first private-sector eco-development at Great Bow Yard in Langport, and he writes regularly on conservation and other building issues.

Julian Brooks (BSc Hons) has been involved with STSD since its earliest operation and is one of the most experienced consultants in this field. He has an unsurpassed knowledge of the technology and suppliers of sustainable products and of the various public and statutory bodies in this area. He is also a qualified BRE Eco-Homes Registered Assessor and undertakes all the Trust’s assessment work.