Planning for a Sustainable Future

Looking forward

Over the next three years the new approach to planning set out in the Planning and Compensation Act 2004 will come into effect. This creates an opportunity for the inclusion of policies on sustainable construction and design previously considered outside the scope of planning.

In the next six months all local authorities will have to draw up a statement of what they will include in there new Local Development Frameworks. Therefore there is an opportunity to continue to promote sustainable construction and design.

There are several policy areas which need to be included if local development frameworks have the right policies from 2008 onward. The policy issues set out below should be applied to all but the smallest developments:

  1. All new development to meet EcoHomes standards (or equivalent);
  2. Inclusion of renewables on all new building which generate at least 20% of the energy demand of the building; sometimes referred to as embedded renewables;
  3. Use of land trusts to create permanently affordable housing and workspace;
  4. Use eco friendly services including recycled materials use and using companies such as End Of Tenancy Cleaning London which use green methods.
  5. Include at least 5% self-build in all development land.